start your day the best way!

Nothing better than enjoying a good breakfast to start the day. In Eskalima Restaurant we offer delicious choices for the most important meal of the day.

Traditional Costa Rican Breakfast ₡2500
Gallo pinto (seasoned rice and beans), eggs, choice between common breakfast sausage or Costa Rican sausage “salchichon”, choice between cheese or sour creame, and toast.
Continental Breakfast ₡2200
Fresh Fruits, along with yogurt and granola. Also with toast with butter and jelly.
Pancakes and Fruits for ₡2200

All breakfast choices include one of the following beverage choices: coffee, tea or juice.



A tasty impulse to continue

A good lunch is always great to continue the day with energy. We have a variety of entrances, main course dishes, pastas and appetizers for you to taste the best at this time of the day.

Entrances »

Chicken Soup ₡2600
Along with vegetables and a rice serving.
Salad of the House ₡2500
A mixture of fresh lettuce, dried tomato, radish, mixed seeds, cheese and special dressing of the house. Opcional: add an extra serving of meat, chicken or shrimp for ₡1.500
Fish Ceviche ₡3000
A delicious mixture of sliced tilapia seasoned with fresh spices.


Appetizers »

Eskalima Burger ₡3.700
Chosee between meat burger or chicken breast. With lettuce, tomato, pickle slices, cheese, ham along with a side of fries.
Chicken of Meat Quesadillas ₡4.580
Along with a sour cream serving, pico de gallo (tomato diced with spices and lemon) and mashed beans
Club Sandwich ₡4.500
Lettuce, tomato, cheese, ham, egg, bacon and chicken. Along with fried potato wedges


Platos Fuertes

Main Courses »

Sauteed with peppers and onions on a griddle, along with mashed beans and corn tortillas. three options to choose:

Steak ₡4300

Chicken ₡4200

Mix ₡4600

Fish Fillet ₡4200
A delicious tilapia griddled or battered. along with salad, mashed potatos and fresh vegetables.
Chicken Supreme ₡4850
Milasese or Griddled Chicken breast. Along with rice, vegetables and salad.


Rice and Pastas

To enjoy of a delicious meal, all you have to do us to taste our delicious pastas and rices.

Rice »

Rice with chicken ₡3700
Served with salad and fried potato wedges.
ASpring Rice ₡3200
Vegetarian rice, along with fried potato wedges.
Rice with Shrimps ₡3900
Along with fried potato wedges and omelette.



Pastas »

Two options to choice



Pasta Carbonara ₡3200
White sauce, egg and bacon.
Pasta Pomodoro ₡3000
Tomato sauce and fresh basil
Pasta Aurora with shrimps ₡3900
A mixture of pomodoro sauce with milk cream and a bottom of seafood, sauteed with shrimps.


Of course, ¡a lo tico!

¿Do you want to try a traditional “casado” for lunch? no problem!, you can enjoy the taste of Costa Rica with our traditional lunch dishes.

Traditional Costa Rican Lunch ₡3000
Rice, beans, salad of the day, meat, chicken, fish or pork chop, plus a side of the day. Natural beverage included.

Aditional servings ₡800. Available only from Monday to friday from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm


Options for childrens


Ham and Cheese Sandwich
with fried potato wedges and pink sauce.
Cereal of choice with milk and a fruit serving.


Chicken Fingers ₡2400
with fried potato wedges and pink sauce.
Chicken Quesadilla ₡2200
with fried potato wedges.
Fish Fingers ₡2300
with fried potato wedges and pink sauce.


Natural Beverages

Fruit Drinks ₡1000
Diferrent flavor choices such as watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, mixed fruits.
Lemonade ₡1200
Choose between traditional lemonate or with refreshing Spearmint.
Cold tea with lemon ₡1200
Tea handcraft made, served with leaves and lemon

Carbonated drinks »

Presentation 600ml 1200
Coca cola, fresca, ginger ale, fanta.

Hot drinks »

Black ₡1000 | with Milk ₡1200
Black tea adn several options of herval tea to choose ₡900
A cup of hot cocoa ₡1200

Crepa Eskalima


Let’s closure with a sweet touch with our Crepe Eskalima

Crepa Eskalima ₡2500
A delicious convination of strawberry jam and banana. Along with a serving of icecream.

All prices include the 10% service fee and 13% taxes.

Restaurante Eskalima

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